Identity Preserved Soybeans

LAC is a market leader in processing and supply of Food Grade Soybeans.  Recognized by food companies around the world, LAC is known and respected as a quality supplier.  This starts with our team of experienced and dedicated growers across both Ontario and Michigan.  This vast growing  region provides our end users with the diversification required to ensure a stable and steady supply.


LAC utilizes industry leading equipment to ensure we ship the best quality possible.  Our Thamesville Ontario plant is equipped with Cleaner, Gravity, Destoner, Belt Sorter and Electric Eye along with magnets and metal detection.


We supply both public and private Food Grade soybean varieties.  With over 10 varieties to choose from, growers have strong agronomic choices while the end-user has a large selection to meet their individual needs.



Policy’s and procedures are in place to ensure quality the grower harvested and delivered is maintained throughout the processing system.  Care and commitment from each employee ensures only the best quality is shipped.



LAC is certified by the Canadian Grain Commissions Canadian for their Identity Preserved Recognition System (CIPRS).  Ensuring the end-use customer the quality characteristics of their soybean variety are protected from production through to shipping.

Futures Prices

Commodity Month Last Change
CORN Jul $4.5250 -$0.0450
SOYBEANS Jul $12.2800 $0.1175
WHEAT Jul $6.5125 -$0.1200
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