Contact Information:

Phone: 519-692-3930
Fax: 519-692-5970

13205 Base Line
Thamesville, Ontario
Canada N0P 2K0

Normal Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Extended hours during harvest

About Thamesville

Grain Storage

Storage Capacity: 22,000 Metric Tonnes / 836,000 bushels


Food Grade non-GMO IP and SQWH soybeans

Direct Rail Access

Shipping Capacity: truck, rail, & bulk or bag containers
Rail Capability: 25 car spot on CPR (Canadian Pacific Railroad) offers loading and unloading capability

Grain Storage

Receiving Capability: 2 pits providing 10,000 bushels/hour

Grain Storage

Grain Drying Capacity: 500 bushels per hour corn drying capacity at 10 points moisture removal

Grain Storage

Food Grade Processing Capabilities: Cleaning (including the use of metal detection and magnets), belt sorting, colour sorting, de-stoning, bagging or bulk shipping.

The Thamesville plant specializes in handling Identity-Preserved (“IP”) food-grade soybeans. Our variety specific beans can be shipped to your specifications in bags, bulk containers, or railcars.

Thamesville Team


Bill Phillips

Branch Manager

Thamesville Bids