Barley Oats & Rye

LAC has spent almost 15 years establishing strong relationships in Western Grain markets. Our purchasing capabilities and logistics expertise allow us to originate vessel and rail volumes to service our markets. We also store quantities throughout the year at Goderich, Port Colborne & Prescott to ensure constant availability to our customers.

The consumption of western grain in Eastern Canada varies from year to year based on relative supply and demand conditions in both the eastern and western growing regions. At LAC our goal is to recognize these shifting trends and lead the market with the most competitive bids and offers.

LAC has introduced western growers and consumers to the quality services we offer, by drawing on the strengths of our trading expertise in Eastern Canada. We are expanding our trade in traditional commodities such as domestic feed wheat, oats, rye and barley as well as becoming a force in the canola, feed pea and edible pea and bean markets.

Eastern Oats & Barley

LAC is a major purchaser of Ontario grown oats & barley. Competitive bids are available to producers either off-farm or delivered to various points including Seaforth, Goderich, Port Colborne, Prescott & Thornton. We also source Eastern Oats & Barley from points in Quebec, the Maritimes and the United States. Our storage facilities offer the ability to keep grains segregated for various uses. LAC can supply Eastern Oats for export, milling, horse feed, and general feed markets. Eastern Barley is available for export and general feed markets. Whatever your needs are -- a reliable, cost-effective supply or a just-in-time load, LAC has the grain and the logistics expertise to deliver.

Western Oats & Barley

LAC sources Western Grains including Oats & Barley, in truck, rail or vessel quantities for various markets and end-uses


LAC is a major supplier of covercrop, plowdown and milling rye to markets in the United States. Ontario producers can ship Rye to Haley Grain at harvest time.